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    • This board is what makes Wakesurfing so great and has put a smile on my face while doing an off season repair. This board is owned by locals here in Boise Idaho and shared between a father and daughter (the designing of the board was clearly the daughter's ideas). During the sanding process I noticed the foot indents in the board, but what really hit me in the heart is the distinction between his and her footprints. It's that special bond between a father and daughter that is shared through the sport of Wakesurfing that really makes this board and story so amazing. (It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle)
    • @brigadewakesurfing new shop is buzzing with new ideas and creativity!! Getting stoked for warmer weather and surfing with all these boat shows happening.  Come check us out and say hi at both the Boise Boat Show and the Utah Boat Show coming in the next couple weeks. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis @brigadewakesurfing
    • Throwback Thursday to one of our favorite custom board projects for Kirra last year. We customized her paint scheme "pink, flowers, and girly" was her request. She loved it, as you can see from the huge smile.  Give us a call and get your Grom surfer their very own one-of-a-kind Brigade Board. Www.brigadewakesurfing.com. 208-315-2526 (call or text) #surfthis #wakesurf #brigadewakesurfing
    • Wakesurf Wednesday!! Busy day in the New Surf Shop. Shaping, glassing, sanding, and painting. Got the entire crew hard at work today. Feel free to stop by and watch the board building process and get yourself some new Boardshorts from our in house screen printing shop. Or get online and shop on our store. Www.brigadewakesurfing.com #madeinthe #usa #boise #idaho #shopsmall #brigadewakesurfing #wakesurf #wakesurfing #surfthis photocred to #simplygina
    • Sunday Funday in the @brigadewakesurfing shaping bay. As Shaper/CEO Shawn Wright works on the next new design for 2015. Be a part of the Brigade, be a part of the fun, join the lifestyle! #surfthis  Checkout the website or give us a call to get started on your custom one-of-a-kind Wakesurfer. #Wakesurf #Wakesurfing #thisisboise
    • @brigadewakesurfing getting back into the groove this week up in the glassing bay with this board repair. A good friend brought it to us completely destroyed cause someone left it in the board rack on the drive home and got smashed up on the freeway. We delamed it, re-shaped it, new paint, new fiberglass "Brand New Board" ready to shred!! #surfthis #boardbacktolife
    • Brigade Board Deal of the week!!! We will be doing a week long sale for our instagram followers only, of our Brigade "Radical" Surfstyle board. It comes in a 4'6" and 4'10" in both color options, with your choice of custom color Brigade Traction. We are doing $100 off retail !!! Only $550 for a brand new Brigade Radical!! Summer is right around the corner and pricing will go back up. If you are interested, You must share this post and tag us @brigadewakesurfing #surfthis and feel free to email/text/call with orders or questions. Email: info@brigadewakesurfing.com  Call/text: 308-315-2525
    • @brigadewakesurfing had an awesome kid Jay stop by the new shop and the want to learn how to shape a surfboard and we gave him the VIP Brigade Tour and showed him the entire board building process. This is our favorite part of our job sharing the stoke of Wakesurfing. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • The New @brigadewakesurfing  Shaping Bay is officially finished. The final touch went on the wall last night, and I have to say, that Brigade Logo really sets it off. Can't wait to show you guys what we have planned for 2015. It's going to be Epic!! #Surfthis #wakesurf #shapingbay #thisisboise
    • Checkout @brigadewakesurfing Outlaw Team Rider Morgan Lohmeier. @molohmeier getting ready to shred in January. Rocking her new @billabongwomens Surf Capsule Wetsuit and 4'6" Brigade Bangarang Pro-Model. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #wakesurf #wakesurfing
    • Great quote for the day to live by. When struggles get in your way don't let them defeat you. Use those setbacks to push and motivate you to conquer anything and everything in your way. "Dreams only become reality when you wake up and achieve them" #surfthis #makeyourownluck
    • Happy New Year everyone!!! Welcome to 2015. We started off with a bang and had our sponsored rider @nessieroo11 surf in the Annual Polar Bear Plunge at LuckyPeak reservoir to benefit Make-A-Wish Idaho. #Surfthis #freezeforthekids @maw_idaho @thisisboise @brigadewakesurfing
    • Merry Christmas Everyone!! It's a beautiful White Christmas Day here in Idaho, Hope everyone has a wonderful day with family and friends. #surfthis
    • @brigadewakesurfing team rider @ella_shred_betty is stoked it's Christmas Eve!! All of us here at Brigade wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful weekend with family and friends!! #surfthis "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle"
    • @brigadewakesurfing putting the finishing touches on the new shop. Hanging banners, organizing tools and sweeping up all the hard work, sweat, and tears that went into this place. Can't wait to officially cut the ribbon and open the doors to the New @brigadewakesurfing world headquarters. #surfthis
    • The Billabong Pipe Masters playing live on the big screen at the Brigade Surf Shop here in Boise, ID. Watching the semifinals with @gabrielmedina and @joshkerr #surfthis
    • #InstagramSneakPeak All of us here on the @brigadewakesurfing development team have been brainstorming new ideas and concepts for the past few months on what our new innovations should be to our new models, and this is what we came up with.... Say hello to the Brigade "Ballistic". New Fin Placement... New Nose, New Channeling, New Ideas, this Concept board has a custom one-of-a-kind graphic by @Chaosartdesigns all of our boards come stock white with your choice of graphic from any of our awesome Graphic Designers.  We are all pretty stoked to try this thing out and decide if we will go into full production on the Ballistic but If you would like to be one of the first to own a Brigade Ballistic give us a call/text and we'll get you on the Pre-order list. 208-315-2526 #surfthis "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle"
    • The Light is shining bright in the new @brigadewakesurfing Shaping Bay today. The creative ideas are flowing and some rad shapes are becoming a reality in the new shop. Can't wait to show you guys what's to come from Brigade 2015. #surfthis
    • The feelings you get when you come across a post like this is hard to put into words, but a feeling I hope everyone can feel at least once in your lifetime. That feeling that you have made an impact on someone's life. And to see how Brigade has made an impact on so many peoples lives is a driving factor to continue working hard and spreading the stoke on the "Wakesurfing lifestyle" Showing people that it's more than just surfing, it's a way to get away from it all and enjoy complete freedom for that one set behind the boat. And remember what life is all about... Having fun with the people you care about. #surfthis  Thank you for this "lil sis"
    • Rad picture of @brigadewakesurfing Team Rider Cole Sorensen @cole_slaw_shreds during the @10klakesopen on his Brigade Rogue Skimboard. We are stoked to get working on Cole's new 2015 Pro-Model. #surfthis
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Brigade Wakesurfing Company

It’s More Than Just Surfing… It’s a Lifestyle!!!

Based out of Boise, Idaho building custom wakesurf boards for every style of rider and any  boat wake out there with your own design.  We don’t only build custom performance boards but we also push the LIFESTYLE of WAKESURFING with our own clothing line, surf traction, wax, and anything else that goes along with the lake life community.  Be come apart of the Brigade House today SURF THIS!!!

To order, contact us at sales@brigadewakesurfing.com

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