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    • Checkout this amazing picture by @designs_by_dee of Brigade Team Rider @justinallred shredding on his Radical Surfstyle!! It's amazing how detailed the drawing is to the picture!! So stoked to see what future project she does for us. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Getting crazy here at the Brigade Shop!! If you want amything on your Wakesurf Board, we will do it!! Wasn't sure how this one was going to turn out... But it is amazing!! #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #usamade
    • We are starting to get in some entries for our Surf Van Wrap competition. If you are interested in designing a graphic for our new van for a chance to win an entire Rider Gear Pack with everything we carry, a $600 value. Email us at Info@brigadewakesurfing.com to get the van pic and Brigade Logos to get started on your design. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #vehiclewrap #carwrap #graphicdesign #wrap
    • Super stoked on our new collaboration with traction supplier @letspartytraction !!! These guys have some of the sickest pads in the surf/skim industry, and now they are breaking into #wakesurfing and @brigadewakesurfing is their exclusive Wakesurf distributor. So if you are interested in changing your traction supplier/ interested in pricing/ or just want one set for your personal board @brigadewakesurfing is your contact. Email: shawn@letspartytraction.com or call/text 208-315-2526  We will also have every option up on our online store by the end of the week. #JoinTheBrigade #letspartytraction #LetsParty #SurfThis
    • A couple more Artists Edition Brigade Boards ready to go up for sale on the website. 4'10" bomber  with a 5 fin setup. And a 4'6" Zulu with a thruster fin setup, with @leifallvarsonart graphics. Message us if you are interested in one of these boards or give us a call/text at 208-315-2526 for more information #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Stoked to announce this rad event The @utahwakesurffest at Jordanelle State park on July 11. Make sure to mark your calendars, follow their instagram, and get signed up for this great opportunity to meet cool people, surf behind every boat in the industry, and surf on every Wakesurf board available. You know @brigadewakesurfing will be there in full force with every board model we carry and tons of gear to hand out, as well as @letspartytraction. The owner/shaper/glassers will all be there too, to answer any questions you might have when it comes to Wakesurfing. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #utahwakesurffest #uwsf15
    • Check out @brigadewakesurfing Team Rider Jake Caster killing it with his 180 shuvs back to back on his Brigade SKM Custom! Love watching the progression of these young wakesurfers. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • We have been playing around with some new graphic ideas for our new Brigade Surf Van, and just can't come up with an idea that really pops!! So we would love to see your ideas and creativity. Email us at info@brigadewakesurfing.com and we'll send over the pic of the van for you to send us your ideas. If your graphic gets picked we'll send you a full Brigade Rider Swag pack with every item we carry here at the shop..... Hats/shirts/sweatshirts/sunglasses/boardshorts/rashgaurd/ and more than we can name. Total retail value $500.00 Hashtag your Brigade Van Designs #wakesurf #wakesurfing #JoinTheBrigade so we can vote on the best.
    • Super Stoked on this rad board graphic from @leifalvarssonart , This guy has some sick designs for any model Brigade Board. This specefic board is available to purchase today. It's a 4'10" Bomber with a 5Fin Futures setup.  Fast board down the line, with tons of control and response. Max weight range 150-250lbs. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • @brigadewakesurfing Team Rider @chimmycocoa (Timmy) shredding on her Custom Zulu and getting some air. So stoked to see Timmy loving her Brigade Board. #jointhebrigade #surfthis
    • Team @brigadewakesurfing takes podiums at Arizona Comp this weekend!! Our Grom shredder @ella_shred_betty takes 1st place on her Brigade SKM Custom!! And her Brother @cole_slaw_shreds takes 3rd in his first ever Pro-Skim event!! Super stoked for them both and looking forward to a fun Wakesurf season for all of Team Brigade. Big thanks to Cole and Ella's sponsors.... @supremeboats @letspartytraction @sheshredsco @kameleonz @factionmarine #surfmn @brigadewakesurfing @futuresfins and a big thanks to Brigade Rep Justin for bringing down his ASR for Team Brigade to surf behind all weekend.
    • While Team Brigade is down in Arizona for the Wakesurf championships. The Brigade House Crew is hard at it in the Surf Shop, shaping, and sanding away on some fresh new custom boards. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Team Brigade representing at the Arizona Wakesurf Championships!! @cole_slaw_shreds @ella_shred_betty @susie3404 @epicwakesports Love seeing all our team members meeting up and sharing the stoke of Wakesurfing "It's More Than Just Surfing... It's A Lifestyle" #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Watch out!! @brigadewakesurfing has a new shredder Jake Caster from Massachusetts!! This kid is killing it on his Brigade SKM Custom 53" look for him all summer long progressing in his riding and living the Brigade Lifestyle!! #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Canadian Brigade Team Rider Timmy, stoked on her brand new Custom Zulu 4'6" with her very own hand drawn graphic. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting that pic text from a customer super stoked on their board. #JoinTheBrigade and give us a call/text to start designing your own custom Wakesurfer. #SurfThis
    • Well, we don't claim to be Paddleboard builders here at Brigade but we took on the challenge of fixing this beat up and battered board for a local customer and gave it a facelift.... Pretty stoked how it turned out, It fought us the entire way, we won't make a dime, but we got'er done and one stoked customer. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • @brigadewakesurfing finishing the final touches on this Custom Artists Edition @leifalvarssonart Bangarang Board. Setting the @futuresfins with these @johnjohnflorence fins. #JoinTheBrigade and order up your own USA made Wakesurfer right here in Boise, ID. 208-315-2525 www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • @brigadewakesurfing Team Rider @ella_shred_betty getting some practice in, on her Brigade SKM Custom 51" Grom board. This weekend Ella will be competing at the Arizona Competition on Lake Pleasant. Go cheer her on!! #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • @brigadewakesurfing getting gnarly in the Surf Shop with this custom "NewShape" 5'0" with the NutNeckDeck graphic from Nic.  Anyone notice where he might of got the inspiration for this graphic? Haha #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #RatBoard #Gnarly
    • Happy Mothers Day to @brigadewakesurfing Team Mom @jenisorensen There is no bigger job than being a mom! And Jeni is a great example of putting her kids dreams and ambitions in front of her own. Endless practices/games/events/traveling/expense, but she always has the biggest smile and high fives for everyone. #JoinTheBrigade #surfmoms #mom #mothersday
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It’s More Than Just Surfing… It’s a Lifestyle!!!

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It all started with a dream in Emmett, Idaho. To bring that “Lifestyle” of surfing to the lake and build custom boards designed by the customer. We continue to expand and share the stoke of wakesurfing all over the world and look forward to making your dream board come to life. Cause its your board, your design, your dream.  ”It’s more than just surfing… It’s a lifestyle”

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