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    • @brigadewakesurfing representing at the Supreme Wakesurf Championships in Parker, AZ. Awesome to see Susie from @epicwakesports getting ready for her first ever competition run on the Brigade Tamarindo Skim. #JoinTheBrigade today and be apart of the fun. Www.brigadewakesurfing.com 208-315-2526
    • Doing Work on a Friday in Boise ID at the Brigade Surf Shop. Got the entire crew in the glass bay jamming to some old school rap. Nothing better than working with friends and building surfboards. #JoinTheBrigade and get your one-of-a-kind Wakesurfer. Www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Everyone here @brigadewakesurfing is super stoked how this Brigade Bombshell Series board turned out!! The Red White and Blue @letspartytraction really set this board off!! Can't wait to get this board on display. Give us a call/text to get your custom surfboard started today. Www.brigadewakesurfing.com #JoinTheBrigade #Surfthis
    • Awesome photo from Rider/Rep Lauren down in Austin, Tx. With her new Brigade Board the 4'3" (Aviator). Hashtag your Wakesurfing pics #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis and @brigadewakesurfing and we'll share your photos on #WakesurfWednesday
    • What in the World is @brigadewakesurfing up to now!! Little sneak peak into something Brand New to the Wakesurfing World. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis  Tag your Wakesurfing friends and guess what you think this board is all about?? #Wakesurf #Wakesurfing #brigadewakesurfing
    • Final hotcoat on the collaboration Brigade board with Crooked Fence Brewing. Stoked to see this board this summer at all their events and bars that carry crooked flats beers. If you are interested in doing a collaboration with your business logo and name on a surfboard give us a call/text 208-315-2526 www.brigadewakesurfing.com #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #brewery #crookedfence
    • The new Video "History of Brigade" is live on our Facebook/Utube/Website. Click the link in our profile above to watch. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • So Rad!! This Brigade Board will go down as one of our favorite projects for sure!! Artist Travis Pastor is displaying this board for his college graduation senior project and we are stoked to say we brought his artwork to life for him. Looking forward to watching him walk across the stage to grab his diploma with this surfboard under his arm.  We told Travis we have to make this one of our signature Brigade graphics, so let us know what other color combinations he should do?? #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • So stoked to see new Brigade Board owner Lauren @lbbby shredding on her 4'3" Custom Aviator down in Austin, TX with @austinwakesurfclub #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis www.brigadewakesurfing.com call/text: 208-315-2526
    • Checkout the sick new @leifalvarssonart Graphic for the 2015 Brigade Board Artists Series. These graphics are available soon for any size and model of Brigade Board. #JoinTheBrigade and get yourself a new wakesurf board for this summer. #SurfThis
    • @brigadewakesurfing CEO/Owner Shawn Wright in the shaping bay during a photoshoot with Gina Marie photography for our new Video "History of Brigade" produced/filmed/edited by Kody Kirby. We just watched the final edited version and we can't wait to unveil it to everyone. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Rad @gopro screenshot from Adam and the guys down at Petersen Marine in Utah. They did an early spring demo day with the @tigeboats ASR and the lineup of @brigadewakesurfing boards. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #tigeboats
    • @brigadewakesurfing getting our #monday started here at the shop with @Musclepharm new Energy Drink!! Pretty awesome to see a local Boise company dominating their industry. #JoinTheBrigade #surfthis #muclepharm
    • A Big Happy Birthday to Brigade Pro-Rider @cole_slaw_shreds Cole Sorensen, from all of us here at @brigadewakesurfing Give Cole some birthday love and comment below. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Just a typical day at the Brigade House Surf Shop. Got the entire crew sanding away and jamming to some old school Friday radio!! Nothing better than working with your friends and doing what you love. "It's more Than Just Surfing... It's a Lifestyle" #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Tara F. @brigadewakesurfing Team Rider / Team advisor / Shipping / Screen Printer, well she does a little bit of everything and Girlfriend of Brigade Wakesurfing Owner got to get out of the shop and do some surfing on her favorite board the SKM Custom in freezing 34 degree water.... Notice no booties or gloves. She takes her surfing serious!!! And makes all us guys look like sissies. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • @brigadewakesurfing is so stoked to see this cutie Grom "Jefe" with her very own Custom Brigade Aviator 4'3" designed and built for kids. If you have a kid trying to learn how to surf this board is the way to go. The Aviator is much smaller so the lighter rider can control it and designed to still be stable when still trying to learn.  #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Super stoked New Brigade Board owners @jaredmurch and daughter Jefe out on the lake for the first set on their new Brigade Radical 4'10" #JoinTheBrigade #surfthis #rockinthebeard #coloradical
    • @brigadewakesurfing got to do some more "Board Testing" aka surf day last weekend with the crew over at @prestigewatersports the Boise @tigeboats dealership. We got to surf behind this 2015 RZ2 with the new AVX System.... Well the wave speaks for itself. Tons of push, tons of control, and it was massive. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Our good friend and soon to be Brigade Team Rider ;-) @nessieroo11 stopped by to see the New Surf Shop and drop off her Tamarindo Skim 58" Had to take a pic in front of the @brigadewakesurfing Truck!! #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
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Brigade Wakesurfing

It’s More Than Just Surfing… It’s a Lifestyle!!!

Join the Brigade and start designing your own Custom Wakesurf Board today! 

Built right here in Boise, ID every board is designed and built specicially for You

and customized how you want it! 

It all started with a dream in Emmett, Idaho. To bring that “Lifestyle” of surfing to the lake and build custom boards designed by the customer. We continue to expand and share the stoke of wakesurfing all over the world and look forward to making your dream board come to life. Cause its your board, your design, your dream.  ”It’s more than just surfing… It’s a lifestyle”

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