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    • Check out another late season surfer, Brigade Team Rider/Rep @kris986 also breaking out the wetsuit, getting every last minute of surfing in on her new Brigade Zulu with custom color matching paint scheme. #surfthis #jointhebrigade www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Checkout Brigade Team Rider Randi Lewis making every last day count this surf season. Rocking the Canadian beanie and mittens, she'll surf till the lake is iced over. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #jointhebrigade #surfthis
    • Been crazy long days at the NEW Brigade Surf Shop getting it built and set back up for production again. It's looking pretty sick so far, can't wait to be done and back building boards for 2015. Big thanks to all the family and friends that have stopped by and put in their time helping with the new shop. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Holy Wave Wednesday!!! Brigade Team Rider Morgan Lohmeier @molohmeier behind the brand new @centurionboats FS33. The future of wakesurfing is looking really really BIG!! Overhead wakes before we know it. #surfthis #jointhebrigade www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Awesome snapshot from Photog @jcoffeyy during the first stop of the College Wakesurfing Championships. Our two best selling boards "The Tamarindo and The Bangarang" Get your custom USA Made Brigade Board designed and ordered the way you want it. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade www.brigadewakesurfing.com 208-315-2526  email: info@brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Dallas is Stop #2 of the first ever College Wakesurfing Competition brought to you by @brigadewakesurfing @empirewake @centurionboats We are stoked to be a part of this epic event and leading the charge in college Wakesurfing.  Our first sponsored wake team @baylorwake is competing today in the Brigade Bracket on their Custom Baylor Brigade Boards. If you are part of a college wake team and want to add surfing to your team give us a text/call/email and we'll set you up with our discount college rep program. 208-315-2526
Info@brigadewakesurfing.com  Www.brigadewakesurfing.com #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • @brigadewakesurfing Team Rider Morgan @molohmeier "Breakout rider of the year" doing some early morning shredding on a photoshoot for @besomebodyblog in Austin, Tx. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • The final wakesurf board built in the original Brigade Surf Shop just got shipped off today. It's bitter sweet to see the last Brigade House board get boxed up, but we are all stoked to get the new shop finished up and back to production building custom hand shaped surfboards. Give us a text/call to get your 1-of-a-kind wakesurf picked out for next year. 208-315-2526 Or send us an email to info@brigadewakesurfing.com #jointhebrigade #surfthis
    • @brigadewakesurfing new shop construction is underway!! We have to give a big thanks to all the Friends and Family that stopped by this weekend and spent their free time helping us build the Brigade Dream. Brigade wouldn't be what it is without all the help and support we get from all of our followers and supporters. A dream company isn't anything unless you can experience it with all your friends and family. #jointhebrigade #surfthis  Follow @brigadewakesurfing and be a part of every stage of the building of our new shop.
    • Late Night paint session in the Brigade House Shop, painting the last board to ever be painted in this shop. This pic will be blown up and framed in our brand new Surf Shop to remind us where we came from and that we built our dream in a garage and to always remember, no matter how big our shop is, no matter how many boards we build, no matter what, we are still just some kids having fun building surfboards in a garage in Boise, Idaho and to continue that lifestyle no matter how big we become. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • @brigadewakesurfing is super stoked to be the title sponsor of college wakesurfing in it's first year of competition. Everyone at the first stop loved our Brigade Bracket competitive format, and is looking forward to the next stop in Dallas, TX. If you are part of a college wake team and are interested in growing your team and adding wakesurfing, hit us up with an email: info@brigadewakesurfing.com or call/text 208-315-2526 to hear about our special Brigade college programs to get discounts on boards and gear. College Wakesurfing is the future of our sport and Brigade is here to help your team in any way possible. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • @brigadewakesurfing back from 5 straight weeks of traveling from Vegas, Texas, Georgia, Idaho, Canada, Florida. It's been a wild trip and stoked for some big things for the 2015 season. Also just signed the lease on a brand new Brigade Surf Shop here in Boise Idaho. Excited to be expanding and creating jobs locally in our home state. USA Made, @brigadewakesurfing "Its more than just surfing... Its a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Last few wakeboarders to ride and we are going to get started with the first ever college Wakesurfing event with our new competition format, The Brigade Bracket. Head to Head surfing in backet style just like march madness basketball @centurionboats @empirewake @collegewakeboarding @allatoonawakesurf
    • We have the Brigade Bracket filling up for the first ever college Wakesurfing competition at Lake Lanier in Georgia. If you want to get involved download the free App Empire Wake, and sign up for the next event in Dallas, Tx on Oct. 18. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • The first ever college wakeboard and wakesurf competition is going off right now at Aqualand marina in ATL, Georgia. We are down here with all our boards and going to run our famous "Brigade Bracket" challenge, behind the brand new @centurionboats FS44. Everyone can ride for a chance to win a free brigade board.
    • @brigadewakesurfing all set up and ready to shred at the first ever College Wakesurfing event here on Lake Lanier in ATL Georgia and Brigade is stoked to be here with Empire Wake leading the way for College Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing. #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Awesome snapshot of Brigade Team Rider @molohmeier chillin' in the pool using her board as a great floating bar, right after her amazing finals run at the Wakesurfing World Championships. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Brigade Team Rider and New Wakesurfing World Champion @cole_slaw_shreds impressed us with his perfect run at worlds but even more impressive is not even two hours from getting off the plane from Worlds in Vegas, he was back behind the boat practicing for next year!!! True champions put in the time and work, keep shredding buddy!! #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Brigade Owner: Shawn Wright "What a week!! I'm totally exhausted from what was one of the best weeks of my life. Had a great 28th birthday in Vegas with my true love Tara Fortier. Then experienced my 3rd World Wakesurfing Championships, and this year topped them all. As the owner of Brigade Wakesurfing worlds has always been the time that reminds me why I put all my time, money, and hard work into this company. And it all comes down to "Being a part of peoples dreams" that's why I started Brigade, and to be at worlds this year watching my team riders families cry with happiness as their kids ran on stage to win award after award. There is no better feeling than being a part of that happiness and excitement. No matter what happens in my life, those are the memories I will remember forever." "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • 2 time World Champion!! Brigade Team Rider @cole_slaw_shreds does it again with a perfect stand up pass in the World Wakesurfing finals taking 1st Place!!! So stoked and proud to have him on Team Brigade. #surfthis #jointhebrigade
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Brigade Wakesurfing Company

It’s More Than Just Surfing… It’s a Lifestyle!!!

Based out of Boise, ID building custom wakesurf boards for every boat wake out there with your own design.  We don’t only build custom performance boards but we also push the LIFESTYLE of WAKESURFING with our own clothing line, surf traction, wax, and anything else that goes along with the lake life community.  Be come apart of the Brigade House today SURF THIS!!!

To order, contact us at sales@brigadewakesurfing.com

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