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    • #InstagramSneakPeak All of us here on the @brigadewakesurfing development team have been brainstorming new ideas and concepts for the past few months on what our new innovations should be to our new models, and this is what we came up with.... Say hello to the Brigade "Ballistic". New Fin Placement... New Nose, New Channeling, New Ideas, this Concept board has a custom one-of-a-kind graphic by @Chaosartdesigns all of our boards come stock white with your choice of graphic from any of our awesome Graphic Designers.  We are all pretty stoked to try this thing out and decide if we will go into full production on the Ballistic but If you would like to be one of the first to own a Brigade Ballistic give us a call/text and we'll get you on the Pre-order list. 208-315-2526 #surfthis "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle"
    • The Light is shining bright in the new @brigadewakesurfing Shaping Bay today. The creative ideas are flowing and some rad shapes are becoming a reality in the new shop. Can't wait to show you guys what's to come from Brigade 2015. #surfthis
    • The feelings you get when you come across a post like this is hard to put into words, but a feeling I hope everyone can feel at least once in your lifetime. That feeling that you have made an impact on someone's life. And to see how Brigade has made an impact on so many peoples lives is a driving factor to continue working hard and spreading the stoke on the "Wakesurfing lifestyle" Showing people that it's more than just surfing, it's a way to get away from it all and enjoy complete freedom for that one set behind the boat. And remember what life is all about... Having fun with the people you care about. #surfthis  Thank you for this "lil sis"
    • Rad picture of @brigadewakesurfing Team Rider Cole Sorensen @cole_slaw_shreds during the @10klakesopen on his Brigade Rogue Skimboard. We are stoked to get working on Cole's new 2015 Pro-Model. #surfthis
    • SNEAKPEAK ALERT!! Ssshhhhh! Don't tell anyone but @brigadewakesurfing has new trucker hats... 2015 watchout!! @brigadewakesurfing has some rad new lifestyle gear ready to release. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis
    • #tbt Throw Back Thursday to this awesome pic of @brigadewakesurfing Team Rider @molohmeier baby sitting Youngest World Champion @ralsfun before she was a Wakesurfing champion. #Surfthis
    • Today is #WCW women crush Wednesday and if you have a WCW in your life we have the perfect gift for you this Christmas. Our Surf This booty shorts. They come in Pink, Teal, and Black.  Special Discount Shoutout Hashtag #Surfthis and @brigadewakesurfing on your WCW post today and we'll throw in a free pair of booty shorts with every order in the month of December. "It's more than just surfing... It's s lifestyle"
    • Wakesurf Wednesday!! Today @brigadewakesurfing is featuring our "Tamarindo" Skimboard 56" with Bamboo inlay, custom Brigade Traction, and @futuresfins skim fin. This board has been a fan favorite for two straight years now and our best selling board in our skim division at only $500. Get yourself a custom Brigade paint scheme and have a one-of-a-kind board on your lake next year. #Surfthis www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Check this out!! @centurionboats is at it again innovating and pushing the sport of Wakesurfing yet again with their new surf system "quik surf" It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle #Surfthis @brigadewakesurfing
    • Had the cutest little model stop in at the Brigade Surf Shop yesterday to take some pictures for us for the website update. Little miss Zoey surprised us all with pure attitude and swag when we started snapping pictures. She's a true Brigade Bombshell in the making. #Surfthis #gromsurfer #surfgirl
    • A little late night work at the Brigade Shop working on some new shapes and jamming out to @davidguetta on Pandora "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis
    • A Quick Instagram Hyperlapse video to show the first sneakpeak of the new @brigadewakesurfing Surf Shop. Still a few final touches and cleanup before the grand opening but it's getting close. #superstoked #surfthis
    • New Video on @brigadewakesurfing Facebook page. Go checkout this rad video of Winter River Surfing right here in Brigades' backyard Boise, Idaho. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis
    • Here it is!! The @brigadewakesurfing Black Friday Board Sale!! The only sale on Brand New Boards all year long. $150 dollars off select boards and $100 in free gear with every board purchase. These boards are ready to ship to your front door! Don't wait too long though last year we sold out on the first day. So click the link in our profile or go directly to www.brigadewakesurfing.com and click the SHOP tab. You can also call/text the office at 208-315-2526 and we can set your order up right over the phone. #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • #SURFTHIS @brigadewakesurfing has a lineup of boards ready for our Huge!! #BlackFriday Sale and #Smallbusiness Saturday Sale. If you have been looking at getting a Brigade Board for awhile, this is the sale to take advantage of. This is our only discount on boards all year long. We'll have more details tomorrow.... "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" @brigadewakesurfing
    • The Austin, Texas Brigade crew getting some November surf sets in on the Brigade Zulu 4'6" behind the massive wake of the @skinautique G23. @shelby_phillips3 Hashtags her photos with @brigadewakesurfing Tag us in your Brigade Surf Sets with #surfthis and we'll post your pics on our instagram. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle"
    • I know, I know we haven't even carved the turkey yet, but we just shipped this Brigade Radical 4'10" out to a lucky guy who gets to open his 1st wakesurf board on Christmas. It got us all here at the shop in the holiday spirit.  Give us a text/call/email to get your Christmas shopping done and be on the good list with your kids, spouse, grandkids for the entire summer season. #surfthis #jointhebrigade www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • It's 8 degrees today here in Boise, Idaho so that makes it an office day here at @brigadewakesurfing headquarters. Catch up on emails, work on new catalogs, update website, call dealers...... Boring!! Haha, Much rather be in the shop working on boards. #surfthis #jointhebrigade New logo by mike @stokenomics
    • If you missed the 2014 World Wakesurfing Championships or have always wondered what this whole sport of wakesurfing is all about, you gotta check this video out on our Brigade Wakesurfing Company facebook page and see the best of the best in Wakesurfing compete to be called world champion. Watch for our Brigade Team Riders- @cole_slaw_shreds (Cole Sorensen, men's outlaw skim) & @molohmeier (Morgan Logmeier, women's outlaw surf) #surfthis #wakesurf #wakesurfing @brigadewakesurfing
    • Sunday Funday working on the New @brigadewakesurfing surf shop. The final days are almost here. A few more days of work on the upstairs glassing area and last trailer load of stuff moved over from the old garage shop and we'll be back in business. Thanks to all our customers waiting patiently for their custom boards while we are moving shop. #surfthis #jointhebrigade #makeyourownluck #boisesurfshop
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Brigade Wakesurfing Company

It’s More Than Just Surfing… It’s a Lifestyle!!!

Based out of Boise, Idaho building custom wakesurf boards for every style of rider and any  boat wake out there with your own design.  We don’t only build custom performance boards but we also push the LIFESTYLE of WAKESURFING with our own clothing line, surf traction, wax, and anything else that goes along with the lake life community.  Be come apart of the Brigade House today SURF THIS!!!

To order, contact us at sales@brigadewakesurfing.com

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