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    • Awesome shot of local Idaho Surfer Mitch shredding on a Brigade Zulu 4'6" up on #payettelake .  Hashtag your Wakesurf pics #Wakesurf #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis @brigadewakesurfing
    • Little SneakPeak of the New 2016 Board Shape... The Brigade "Renegade" Designed by our shaper Mike D and in house graphic artist Chase M. "It's More Than Just Surfing... It's a Lifestyle" #SurfThis #BrigadeRenegade #JoinTheBrigade #usamade #idaho @brigadewakesurfing
    • Epic start to our Thursday morning! Went down to the Boise River Wave at the crack of dawn to catch some epic video/photos of our buddy Adam testing out some boards during sunrise.... Conclusion.... Insane!!! So stoked to have some boards that rip on the River! Big thanks to our team of video/photo guys and gals from @blackcandlefilm and @eidetticcreations Can't wait to see what these guys put together for a video, stay tuned for that! #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #boise #idaho #riverwave #laketoriver #boiseriver #boiseriverwave
    • Went and checked out the event location up at ArrowRock Reservoir for The Brigade Surf Fest on Aug.8. Water is getting a little low but that leaves us plenty of beach space for the Boise Beach Party. With Live DJ, Games, Giveaways totaling in the 1000's from @garmin @dragonalliance @brigadewakesurfing @rigidindustriesofficial  With more and more sponsors and vendors getting added every day. If you are interested in having booth space for your business, send us an email to info@brigadewakesurfing.com "It's Free Booth Space!!" Come hang out on the lake and create contacts! #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Super sick new custom Brigade Board coming through the shop assembly line. Some finish sanding and this 4'8" Bangarang 5 Fin will be ready to shred! #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #usamade
    • Brigade Bombshell Monday!! The crazy Austin, TX Brigade girls crew showing off some tan lines to make everyones week go a little better. #SurfThis #JoinTheBrigade #austin #texas #brigadebombshells #wakesurf #booty #tanlines #brigadwakesurfing
    • If you missed our post this weekend, we are stoked to announce our event "The Brigade Wakesurfing SurfFest '15" up at ArrowRock Reservoir on Sat. Aug. 8th. We'll have tons of things to do, even if you aren't a Wakesurfer. Come up to learn or just come up to enjoy the beach party with live Music, beach games, giveaways, and meet the community of lake lifers here in Idaho! #JoinTheBrigade If you are a business that would love to setup a booth on the beach (for free) and support this local event with giveaways and discounted products Email us at Info@brigadewakesurfing.com
    • While @brigadewakesurfing was on vacation our Pro-Rider @cole_slaw_shreds was doing work at the @mnwsc taking 2nd place in Men's Pro Skim on his Brigade Rogue Skim with @letspartytraction
    • @brigadewakesurfing is back from a little rest and relaxation at our favorite vacation spot. So to everyone that called/emailed/or stopped by the shop while we were gone last week, we are back to work and will return your calls asap! Thank You. #SurfThis #JoinTheBrigade #backtowork
    • @brigadewakesurfing graphic designer Chase taking a break from the computer to get hands on in the shaping bay with his own custom designed Brigade Board. Just wait till you see the graphic he has worked up for this one! #JoinTheBrigade #surfboardart #SurfThis #boise #idaho #brigadewakesurfing #shapebay #wakesurf #wakesurfing
    • It's Official!! @brigadewakesurfing will be hosting a Surf Fest / Party on the Beach to send this summer off in style. Saturday Aug. 8th is the day. Location is at ArrowRock Reservoir. We want everyone to come up bring your boats and enjoy some surfing, live music, giveaways from tons of great sponsors, games on the beach, pro surfers, and more than we can list. Basically a great reason to bring the local Boise Surfing / Boating Community together in one place and make it a yearly party to send the summer off in style. If you have any questions or would like to have a FREE vendor spot on the beach send us an email to info@brigadewakesurfing.com Also anyone interested in being a volunteer for the event send us your contact info. #JoinTheBrigade #BrigadeSurfFest #SurfThis
    • Checkout Brigade Team Rider @ella_shred_betty super pumped cause today is the start of the  @mnwsc Minnesota Wakesurf Championships. Home court advantage for Brigade Mn Team Riders Cole and Ella!! Have fun guys! #SurfThis #JoinTheBrigade #mnwsc #surfminnesota @factionmarine @supremeboats @brigadewakesurfing
    • Brigade Bomber 4'10" finned up and ready for a demo today on lucky peak reservoir. Love the look of this board with the Aztec fabric inlay and Pink Zebra  @letspartytraction full front and kickpad set. #JoinTheBrigade and order your custom Wakesurfer today. 208-315-2526 #SurfThis email: Info@brigadewakesurfing.com #wakesurf #wakesurfing #surf #surfing #surfboard #surfboardart #letsparty #brigadewakesurfing
    • Just boxed up this Custom Brigade Board that's headed up to Canada! Definitely a One-of-a-Kind Wakesurf Board built right here at the Brigade House Surf Shop in Boise, ID #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Super Stoked on this New @brigadewakesurfing tail design the (Bangarangle) created by Brigade House shaper/glasser Mike D @indianmyke This first edition board was purchased by Petersen Marine in Utah if you would like your own Bangarangle give us a call/text/email 208-315-2526 info@brigadewakesurfing.com #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #JoinTheParty #wakesurf #wakesurfing #surfboardart
    • @cole_slaw_shreds getting some airtime on his Custom Brigade Rogue Skim behind his @supremeboats #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • A Rad day here at the Brigade House Surf Shop. We had Mason @m_e.c.k come checkout the shop and get to shape on his new family board. He's taking it home to throw down a sick paint job and bring it back to get his hands dirty and lay some fiberglass. Also had @blackcandlefilm come in and video the day for a cool video of the entire experience. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #LocalVIPtreatment
    • Some awesome shots of people shredding on Brigade Boards last weekend at the @utahsurffest put on by @epicwakesports We had a blast watching all the stoked faces getting to surf all day on the best boats and boards in the industry. #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Back to Work at the Brigade Surf Shop! Tons of Rad boards getting finished up and ready to ship this week. Nothing is better than bringing customers ideas to life on their boards! Big props to all of our graphic artists! #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis
    • Rad little video from the @utahwakesurffest last weekend at #lakejordanelle #utah of a rider catching some mini barrels on the Brigade Zulu 4'6" Surfstyle. Behind the Petersen Marine Tige Z1. "It's More Than Just Surfing... It's a Lifestyle" #JoinTheBrigade #SurfThis #JoinTheParty @brigadewakesurfing
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It’s More Than Just Surfing… It’s a Lifestyle!!!

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It all started with a dream in Emmett, Idaho. To bring that “Lifestyle” of surfing to the lake and build custom boards designed by the customer. We continue to expand and share the stoke of wakesurfing all over the world and look forward to making your dream board come to life. Cause its your board, your design, your dream.  “It’s more than just surfing… It’s a lifestyle”

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