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    It's more than just wakesurfing...It's a LIFESTYLE!
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    • Glassing day at the New Brigade House Surf Shop here in Boise, ID. Summer is right around the corner so give us a call/text/email and lets get started on designing your very own Custom @brigadewakesurfing Board. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • Traction! Traction! Traction!! @brigadewakesurfing has always been about customizing your board the way you want it. Every Brigade Board is individually setup with your choice of color and design of Traction. Since we make everything here in the USA we can make it how you want it. We are stoked to make a big announcement this week about an addition to our traction choices.... Get ready to Party!! #surfthis #jointhebrigade #wakesurf
    • Monday Shipping Day, Packing up another 2 Brigade Board order from this weekend. Also so everyone knows, any order shipped out from @brigadewakesurfing gets a free @boardersmag with their purchase. Once you get your free magazine you won't want to miss another issue, so make sure to go on the @boardersmag website/ or instagram and order yourself a yearly subscription. Best wakesurf, paddleboard, flowboard, lifestyle mag out there. "Support your Sport" #surfthis #surfwithin #jointhebrigade
    • Shredding in the Snow!!! Checkout @justinallred and his Brigade Crew down in Dallas dealing with the crazy weather. Snow don't stop these guys!! #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • All of us here @brigadewakesurfing decided to follow along with the rad guys at @signalsnowboard and pick one day of the month and get creative.  Signal calls it "every third thursday" and they think outside the box and do crazy ideas that prolly aren't practical or ever go to production, but get everyone's creative minds together and make it happen and it helps us get out of the daily grind of building surfboards and have some fun. #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Super stoked for this new custom paint scheme for @brigadewakesurfing Canadian Team Rider Randie Lewis @randielewis . We would show you the entire board but you'll see plenty of this board on the podium this summer!!! #jointhebrigade #surfthis
    • Options, Options, Options.... @brigadewakesurfing team rider @shannycohen_27 just got her graphic designed by RMC and now has to choose what color combo to go with. Help her decide and comment with your favorite color. #jointhebrigade #surfthis
    • It's Friday!!! The guys at @brigadewakesurfing are starting to get a little goofy.... Or maybe it's just the clearcoat fumes haha. #jointhebrigade #surfthis
    • Mike aka, MD3000 aka, DirtyD aka, B-Team aka, #shaperselfie well we could go on and on ha ha but here he is in the @brigadewakesurfing shaping bay working on another sick board from the "Artists Edition" series of Brigade Boards. We can't quite show you just yet. But tomorrow we'll reveal it, and yet another artists from the series. Make sure if you are wanting a board from this exclusive series, only a limited number (Max of 5) of each graphic will be built. So hit us up asap to get your name on one of these exclusive works of art, before they are gone and never to be released again. #jointhebrigade #surfthis #wakesurf #usamade #makeyourownluck #boom
    • "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #jointhebrigade and be a part of that surfer lifestyle without having to live on the coast. USA hand made Wakesurf boards built in Boise, Idaho. Summer is almost here, so checkout our website www.brigadewakesurfing.com and get your new custom board for the season. #surfthis
    • Sunday Signing Day at the  @brigadewakesurfing Surf Shop!!! Local Boise shredder Emily Hansen @emily_hansen88 makes it official and will be a Brigade team rider this year. We are super stoked to have her on the team as a local Boise rider. You'll see her this summer on #luckypeak reservoir slashing on her custom neon pink Zulu designed by her. #jointhebrigade #surfthis #Wakesurf
    • Valentines Weekend Special!! Alright instagram followers this sale is only for you. We have lowered the price on our SKM Custom Skimboard for this weekend only. It's only $499 and we have 10x boards in stock [5x 51"/5x 53"] with your choice of traction. Here is the really cool part, all you have to do is comment on this post with your Email and you can buy it right off of Instagram. Give it a try and get yourself a rad @brigadewakesurfing for this summer. #surfthis #Wakesurf #Wakesurfing #jointhebrigade
    • Checkout this rad picture from our Team Rider Randi up in Canada. She's counting down the days to summer, watching the snow melt in the mountains and the lake in the distance calling her name. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Jordan doing work on some Brigade Boards in the glassing bay. Stoked to see our new shop buzzing with excitement with all the boards rolling through the assembly line and all the crazy creative graphics for our new Artists Edition Boards. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Wakesurf Wednesday!! Still too cold here in Idaho to start shredding the endless wave but summer is getting close. Get your own custom built Brigade Board ordered today. Just give us a call/text/email to join the Brigade...... #surfthis Tamarindo 54" Skimboard.
    • Checkout this rad timelapse of one of our board builders Mike D sanding out this custom Brigade Bomber 4'10" "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Back from the Utah Boat Show checking out the new @boardersmag in the shaping bay and stoked to flip open and see our team rider @cole_slaw_shreds right next to our @brigadewakesurfing ad. Nothing feels better than to see your hardwork put onto paper for everyone to see and read about. So go subscribe to @boardersmag and help support 1- the guys at boarders and 2- all the rad companies that spend money to have a spot in this magazine. Let them know Brigade Sent ya!! #surfthis #jointhebrigade "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle"
    • Long trip back from the Utah Boat Show, but we are right back to work at the Brigade Surf Shop getting orders finished up for the soon to be summer weather. If you are looking for a new Wakesurf board this year, give us a call/text/email or go checkout the website www.brigadewakesurfing.com #surfthis #jointhebrigade
    • Had such a great time at the 2015 Utah Boat Show! Thanks to all the guys at Petersen Marine and @tigeboats. Looking forward to next year already, going bigger and better!!! @brigadewakesurfing #surfthis
    • Super stoked we got to meet up with long time instagram follower of @brigadewakesurfing and Drummer for @Rancid @brandensteineckert  It was awesome to talk Wakesurfing with him and looking forward to designing his own custom Brigade Board with our rad graphic artist @leifalvarssonart #surfthis #jointhebrigade
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Brigade Wakesurfing Company

It’s More Than Just Surfing… It’s a Lifestyle!!!

Based out of Boise, Idaho building custom wakesurf boards for every style of rider and any  boat wake out there with your own design.  We don’t only build custom performance boards but we also push the LIFESTYLE of WAKESURFING with our own clothing line, surf traction, wax, and anything else that goes along with the lake life community.  Be come apart of the Brigade House today SURF THIS!!!

To order, contact us at sales@brigadewakesurfing.com

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