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    Tige Endless Wave Tour: Stop 4 in Boise, ID
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    Aces Line:  Off The Rack - Rogue 51" , 54" , 58"
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    Brigade Bombshell / Miss Idaho 2013
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    Brigade Bombshell / Metal Mulisha Maiden of the Month
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    Designed By Riders. Built by Riders.

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    Designed By Riders. Built by Riders.

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    It's more than just wakesurfing...It's a LIFESTYLE!
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    Epoxy Wakesurfers Custom made  in Boise, Idaho
    Put into every custom board order.
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    Bring the Lifestyle to the Lake.
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    • @brigadewakesurfing back in the paintbooth masking out some new paint ideas/designs for some Brigade skimboards. order your custom Brigade Wakesurf board and gear through our website www.brigadewakesurfing.com or give us a call/text 208-315-2526 and get pricing or ask any questions you have about our products. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis @brigadewakesurfing
    • @brigadewakesurfing is stoked to have Grom Surfer Ella Sorensen on Team Brigade this year. Looking forward to seeing her rip on her custom Aviator 3'9" grom surfstyle brigade board this season. Watch out for Ella on the podiums this season and all of Team Brigade at the Arizona Wakesurf Open May 16-19 #surfthis #wakesurf #wakesurfing #grom
    • @brigadewakesurfing got creative in the paint booth this weekend and came out with this submarine inspired wakesurf skimboard 51" This board is one mean looking skim in the sunlight, you will be the only person with this one-of-a-kind board. Available now to the first buyer at $699.99 (instagram exclusive) #surfthis
    • Brigade Bombshell Monday!!! Newly added Bombshell Keri S. Rocking her blue&orange #boisestate @nectarshades and Brigade bikini and boardshorts. Summer is here!! Get geared up and show your "B's" off with @brigadewakesurfing #surfthis www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • @brigadewakesurfing couldn't wait for the warm weather any longer here in Idaho. We went out and dealt with the 43 degree water at LuckyPeak Reservoir, and then Brigade Operations Manager Tara F. Had to show all us boys up and get in with a shorty wetsuit!!! Crazy? Or just wanted to surf that bad, we don't know haha, by the way, she won the first in the water award too!! #surfthis with @brigadewakesurfing
    • The release of our new product the Vew-Do boards are flying off the shelves for today's One-Day-Sale. Go to the link above www.brigadewakesurfing.com and Use discount code: vewdoboards at checkout to recieve free shipping... Free brigade hat... Free brigade shirt. Best deal you'll get all year. Take advantage now!! Sale ends tonight at midnight!!
    • One Day New Release Sale!! Vew-Do Balance boards have teamed up with @brigadewakesurfing to offer the most versatile USA made balance boards on the market. Available for beginners, intermediate, and experts. Perfect trainer for gaining core balance and learning new tricks for Wakesurfing. Get your order in today on this one day sale and receive.... Free Shipping.... A Free Brigade hat.... And a Free Brigade Shirt. Today only at www.brigadewakesurfing.com with discount code: vewdoboards
    • @brigadewakesurfing has a new product endorsement to reveal to our Instagram Followers tomorrow, so make sure to check it out so you can receive the one-day-only sale price tomorrow. #surfthis #wakesurf #wakesurfing
    • @brigadewakesurfing needs your opinion.. Which way should we embroider these hats...centered or angle or should we just do both. #surfthis
    • Brigade Bombshell Monday!! New season... New bombshells!! Checkout a sneakpeak shot from our test shoot today with Keri S. And Look forward to tons of great shots this season from Keri. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" Join the Brigade today! #surfthis #wakesurf @brigadewakesurfing
    • 5 straight days of Wakesurfing vacation in Miami is enough to put a smile on these two new Brigade Board owners. Both stoked on their new custom boards and can't wait for summer up in Canada now. #surfthis www.brigadewakesurfing.com  call or text Shawn @brigadewakesurfing 208-315-2526 to order a new board for your quiver.
    • Brand New Brigade Board owners Craig and Susie couldn't wait any longer for summer up in Canada to try out there new custom boards, so off to Florida and @miamiwatersports they went. 4'6" Zulu on the left and 51" Rogue Skimboard on the right. #surfthis #stoked #wakesurfers #skinautique #g23
    • Everyone is loving the new @brigadewakesurfing 4-way stretch boardshorts for men and women. One of the only true Wakesurf branded boardshorts on the market. Support small business and receive a free Brigade sticker pack with every order. #surfthis #wakesurf
    • Orders are stacking up @brigadewakesurfing shaping bay. Summer must be right around the corner. Whoop whoop!! If you are looking to progress in you Wakesurfing and advance in your riding this summer, give us a call and we'll get you setup with the right board for your boat, weight, and style of riding. #surfthis #usamade in #Boise #idaho
    • @brigadewakesurfing just finished up this custom 4'10" Brigade Bomber Board for Luke in Montana. Super sick skull paint scheme on this board, tons of cool ideas coming out of the Brigade House, get your your One-of-a-Kind Wakesurfer today and give Brigade a call or checkout the website www.brigadewakesurfing.com "it's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis #wakesurf #wakesurfing #brigadewakesurfing
    • @brigadewakesurfing setting some @joshmulcoy fins from @futuresfins in a customers new Brigade Board. We love these fins!! We even custom painted the twinzer fins to match the boards paint scheme. #surfthis #futuresfins #wakesurf #wakesurfing
    • Spring Baseball season is here! So gear up with our @brigadewakesurfing baseball tees, snapbacks, and fitted caps. "It's more than just surfing... It's a lifestyle" #surfthis www.brigadewakesurfing.com
    • @brigadewakesurfing headed off to the surf shop in the Brigade House Truck ready for a big week of custom board building with warm weather expected here in #Boise, #Idaho this week. Big shoutout to wrap designer @ecdcustoms If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind wrap design hit these guys up. #surfthis
    • If you haven't seen the new nemesis lineup of boards, Checkout the New 2014 Brigade Boards available for pre-order now! The "SKM Custom"51"& 53" and the "The Radical" surfstyle 4'8" & 4'10" Click the website link above in our Instagram profile to see all that's available for your lakelife needs from @brigadewakesurfing #surfthis
    • @brigadewakesurfing shaping out some fresh new boards for the boys in the Malibu Crew. Summer is right around the corner, so get your custom board orders in before the summer rush. #surfthis #wakesurf #futuresfins #appelcorestringers #usblanks @brigadewakesurfing
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Brigade Wakesurfing Company

It’s More Than Just Surfing… It’s a Lifestyle!!!

Based out of Boise, ID building custom wakesurf boards for every boat wake out there with your own design.  We don’t only build custom performance boards but we also push the LIFESTYLE of WAKESURFING with our own clothing line, surf traction, wax, and anything else that goes along with the lake life community.  Be come apart of the Brigade House today SURF THIS!!!

To order, contact us at sales@brigadewakesurfing.com

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